At My School Child Care & Kindergarten in Mt Cotton, we understand that good nutrition is essential for the healthy growth and development of young children. We believe that children’s dietary needs should not be taken lightly and we are committed to providing all children at our centre with healthy, delicious and nutritious “home-style” meals for morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Our experienced cook, Lisa, is passionate about cooking and will prepare all meals on-site with fresh market ingredients, ensuring that children receive healthy and balanced meals each day. We are proud to offer a weekly menu that is updated regularly, so you can see the variety of healthy meals and snacks that your child will enjoy.

At My School Child Care & Kindergarten, we take great care in considering any dietary requirements or food allergies that children may have. If your child has specific dietary needs, we encourage you to discuss them with our Centre Director. She will work with you to develop an appropriate meal plan for your child.

We understand that each child is unique and their nutritional needs vary. Therefore, we welcome parents’ input into menu choices and will do our best to accommodate your child’s needs. Our commitment to providing healthy meals extends to our policy of being a NUT-FREE centre. This policy ensures the safety and well-being of all our children. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s dietary needs. We are here to support you and your child’s development.


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